◌ Visualize the web, ◌
◌ an enchanted landscape, ◌
◌ comes a butterfly. ◌

The Oracle delivers prophecies that try to make sense of things that escape us. Using its mystic powers it senses your presence and sends advice that aims to enhance human capacity in a a virtual world.
The Oracle is part of TELEMAGIC, an open medialab that concerns the future of media.

Adopting the memes of magic, (techno)paganism, occultism and new (or repurposed) symbolism for “the virtual”, TELEMAGIC wants to offer insights to prepare ourselves against evolution that is to come.

Tune in to 87.8 FM to receive e-haikus by The Oracle.

Graduationshow Think tank of Visual Strategies
Sandberg Instituut @ Shelter Amsterdam: Wait for Cue.

All works by Telemagic in collaboration with Ymer Marinus.

On display: The Haiku Generator, Or@cle Deep Dream, TeleFortuneSpinner and TELE.FM.


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