A Firefly Sits on an Electric Fence Reflecting on Light

• EXHIBITION | A Firefly Sits on an Electric Fence Reflecting on Light by Danielle Hoogendoorn & Jonathan van Doornum •
Curated by Rawad Baaklini & Tiiu Meiner
30 October - 21 November
Duo Exhibition

A group of remarkable characters gather amongst peculiar contortions as the worlds of Jonathan van Doornum and Danielle Hoogendorn collide.

An extraordinary trilogy is woven through three rooms as Hoogendoorn’s animals and van Doornum’s sharp
compositions invite the audience to part-take in a contemporary allegory.
Depicted through animal portraits, dramatic quilts and ceramic farm animal heads,
Hoogendoorn captures striking sceneries of fable-like creatures alluding to a greater plot.
These playful scenes are juxtaposed with the polished poetics of van Doornum’s installations.
Metal and nature harmonise to reveal relatable myths that occur as mere consequences of existing.
His antennas catch the essence of the future, past and present, and present them to us as plots to absorb.

[photo by Rawad Baaklini & Tiiu Meiner]

Roodkapje Rotterdam
Rulers of creative direction + template design: Hughes Joseph
posters, online campaign
Year: 2020, 2021