roodkapje resurrected

Let it be loud, let it be clear: Roodkapje is back! Back again to welcome you frequently into our warm, crowded and collective zest pool of art, music, performance, food and all else we do. It left us feeling sad and miserable to be apart so long: but no longer! We took our time off to reboot, refresh and replenish, and did some great construction work in our spaces. Now is the time we open our doors to the reborn Roodkapje to you! And what is a resurrection without a great celebration?

Join us for a weekend full of interdisciplinary pleasures! Starting on Friday with the opening of Smudged Soil, the exhibition created by our new group of Hamburger Community residents in collaboration with Roodkapje’s new RISO and publishing partner Dennis Muñoz Espadiña and his Hocus Bogus Publishing, we kick off for an inspiring evening filled with art, performance, music, drinks and rendezvous!

On Saturday, we continue our official resurrection party! From 20:00 expect to see bands, performances, and to dance the night away. We have surely missed it, and surely we missed you as well. We are happy to welcome you, so please join us for our return, because we belong together!

Roodkapje Rotterdam
Rulers of creative direction + template design: Hughes Joseph
online campaign, poster
Year: 2020, 2021, 2022