*real-life* scavenger hunt: Climb the Firewall

"Roodkapje's Hamburger Community of Live resident Louisa Teichmann is excited to invite you to Climb the Firewall,
an interactive *real-life* scavenger hunt throughout Rotterdam."
Grab your bored roommates, venture out into the real world and follow thetraces of De Tapijttegels
all the way through the center of Rotterdam to enter their secret headquarters. If you make it on time
and bring their lost treasures, they might reward you with an exclusive *real-life* performance.
If not, at least you made it out of the house.

But beware: Winners don't fall from the sky.
You will have to master multiple channels to find your way.

[illustration by Jacopo Lega] [used tool: www.glyphdrawing.club]

Roodkapje Rotterdam
Rulers of creative direction + template design: Hughes Joseph
posters, online campaign
Year: 2020, 2021