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remix fest

The Sound & Vision media archive is an endless well of content and inspiration. On Wednesday, 5 October, during Dutch Media Week, Sound & Vision’s Remix Fest will give students from the leading art and film academies across the Netherlands all the insights and inspiration they’ll need to start reusing one of the world’s largest audiovisual archival collections.

Remix Fest poses the artistic question; what is possible when reusing an archive? Through a full-day program of keynote lectures, hands-on workshops, pitch sessions, installations and more, Remix Fest will span multitudes of topics including copyright, archival research, data driven storytelling, documentary filmmaking, graphic design, sound art and beyond.

Students of all levels are welcome at Remix Fest as are instructors, mentors and teachers. With endless possibilities limited simply by creativity, everyone will gain new perspective when it comes to artistically reexamining and reusing the archive.

Client: Beeld en Geluid Hilversum
Materials: logo image + video 
Year: 2022

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once upon a time...

Directly inspired by the work and practice of Hamburger Community artist Danielle Hoogendoorn, Roodkapje’s HCA and HCL instigate Once Upon a Time… their second collaborative program. Both as a painter and (ceramic) sculptor, animals and stories involving animal play an important role in her work. Working from association, she tries to push the boundaries between art and kitsch. Therefore, Once Upon a Time… is concentrated on the fairy tale as a fantastic (narrative) construction and how fairy tale stories and aesthetics  play a role in our lives. Let the enchantment begin!

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agency and machine

Spawning from the practice of Gill Baldwin as an artist, the first Hamburger Community block is centred around the conceptual topic Agency and Machine.
Central to this topic is the question what happens when artists/musicians/designers/creatives are introduced to, and engage with, technology and artificial intelligence in their work and practice.
Through music, events, podcasts, lectures, workshops, streams, etc. we will investigate this question within this block.

Read the Room

• EXHIBITION | Read the Room by Iriée Zamblé and Kenneth Aidoo •
11 December - 16 January
Free Entrance with time slot
Duo Exhibition

In Read the Room, Iriée Zamblé and Kenneth Aidoo stage a series of intimate and brightly coloured perspectives
on the lives of the Afro-Dutch. Rich in authenticity, the works stick closely to the everyday encounters of both,
using their positions as individual artists to help us understand the emotions and thoughts of their painted subjects.

*real-life* scavenger hunt: Climb the Firewall

"Roodkapje's Hamburger Community of Live resident Louisa Teichmann is excited to invite you to Climb the Firewall,
an interactive *real-life* scavenger hunt throughout Rotterdam."
Grab your bored roommates, venture out into the real world and follow thetraces of De Tapijttegels
all the way through the center of Rotterdam to enter their secret headquarters. If you make it on time
and bring their lost treasures, they might reward you with an exclusive *real-life* performance.
If not, at least you made it out of the house.

But beware: Winners don't fall from the sky.
You will have to master multiple channels to find your way.

[illustration by Jacopo Lega] [used tool:]

Truly, Madly, Deeply – A Conversation around Populists and Cults + Performative Workshop

• CONVERSATION | Truly, Madly, Deeply - A Conversation around Populists and Cults •
With Lavinia Xausa, and Mihai Gui
Tuesday 1 December
18:00 - 20:00 (doors open 17:30)

• Workshop | Truly, Madly, Deeply - 2 days of an Ultra’s physical and audio experience •
2-day workshop series with Lavinia Xausa, Marta Wörner and Kiki Luitwieler
Saturday 5 December & Sunday 6 December
10:00 to 17:00 both days
This workshop is limited to 10 participants*

As part of the HCA 2020 program, resident artist Lavinia Xausa organises and hosts a series of events
that allows both her audience and the artist to dive deeper into her practice.
Spanning an ongoing research trajectory into the relationships between notions of cults and populism,
the goal of this project is to further engage with these topics in both theoretical and practical sense.
This conversation event and its connected workshop are an in-depth way tocontinue research on various
forms of expression that are the foundation of Lavinia’s upcoming solo-exhibition at Roodkapje in 2021.

[videostills by Lavinia Xausa]

A Firefly Sits on an Electric Fence Reflecting on Light

• EXHIBITION | A Firefly Sits on an Electric Fence Reflecting on Light by Danielle Hoogendoorn & Jonathan van Doornum •
Curated by Rawad Baaklini & Tiiu Meiner
30 October - 21 November
Duo Exhibition

A group of remarkable characters gather amongst peculiar contortions as the worlds of Jonathan van Doornum and Danielle Hoogendorn collide.

An extraordinary trilogy is woven through three rooms as Hoogendoorn’s animals and van Doornum’s sharp
compositions invite the audience to part-take in a contemporary allegory.
Depicted through animal portraits, dramatic quilts and ceramic farm animal heads,
Hoogendoorn captures striking sceneries of fable-like creatures alluding to a greater plot.
These playful scenes are juxtaposed with the polished poetics of van Doornum’s installations.
Metal and nature harmonise to reveal relatable myths that occur as mere consequences of existing.
His antennas catch the essence of the future, past and present, and present them to us as plots to absorb.

[photo by Rawad Baaklini & Tiiu Meiner]

the 1€ Cinema X JUJULOVE At Roodkapje X Burgertrut!

The 1 Euro Cinema is a small travelling cinematic oracle that will show you a film in exchange for €1. This machine decides what you will watch…
and you’ll either get a bang for your buck with a short documentary or have to quickly enjoy a 1-minute video clip.
In the start of 2020, as part of PLOKTA festival, Telemagic and video-artist and designer Juliette Lizotte hosted an open call to expand the film-collection with work from experimental tool makers, deep dreamers and cyber magicians… These new films are made with self made tools, questioning the agency of the maker and questioning video making. A collective audiovisual exploration of the close relationship between music, moving image and technology.

A selection of newly featured artists:

Adam Centko ✹ Kaya Erdinç ✹ Jonas Ersland ✹ Karin Ferrari + Bernhard Gustav + Peter Moosgaard ✹ Lisa Di Giovanni ✹ Leonie Gores
✹ Benjamin Hall ✹ Susanne Janssen ✹ Nina Kersaan ✹ Noviki Std. ✹ Carmen Roca ✹ Meggie van Zwieten

Exhibition Dates: 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 October, 17:00 - 21:00

[image by Telemagic]

There Is Something I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You

• AUDIO TOUR | HCA2020: Gill Baldwin •
17 October - 14 November
Guided tours on 17 October, 31 October, 14 November
Tickets: € 4,- (including a free drink at Burgertrut)

Gill Baldwin of the Hamburger Community of Art is inviting you for
I’ve been meaning to ask you something… pt.2:an alternative audio tour through the city center of Rotterdam.
The audio tour was brought together interlinking a series of interviews with architects,
designers, and AI researchers about the increase of surveillance in their (and our) daily lives.
Comprised during the summer months as the pandemic, track and trace paranoia,
and protests ran throughout the world, the audio tour takes you along
architectural highlights along the way, giving an intimate and personal look into
place and structures you think you know, and allows you to reconsider your
everyday surroundings as active sites of surveillance.

Roodkapje opens TO-GO shop

After the succes of Roodkapje's Culturele Supermarkt, Roodkapje opens the TO-GO shop.
Selling art and products from the Hamburger Community of Arts
residents as well as artists that have collaborated with Roodkapje in the past.


Burgertrut is Roodkapje's cosy hamburger restaurant where you can drink,
eat and meet others! The best veggie, vegan and organic beef burgers in town are accompanied
by a great selection of art, music, coffee, tea, homemade (vegan) cakes, healthy salads and soups.
Best of all, the profit of Burgertrut supports the cultural program of Roodkapje.

Roodkapje Rotterdam
Rulers of creative direction + template design: Hughes Joseph
posters, online campaign 
Year: 2020, 2021

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In collaboration with: Roos Groothuizen
Editor newspaper: Leonor Faber-Jonker
newspaper, presentation design, videos, online campaign
Year: 2020

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[Event banner of soft pink background with a composition of silver metallic typography saying “Lesbian but also Queer Pub Quiz”. Metallic spiked vines loop through some of the letters of the banner and a heart shaped vine ending in a rose beats in the middle over the type]


Tender Center
online communication, digital quiz, totebags, quiz-form
Year: 2019