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agency and machine

Spawning from the practice of Gill Baldwin as an artist, the first Hamburger Community block is centred around the conceptual topic Agency and Machine.
Central to this topic is the question what happens when artists/musicians/designers/creatives are introduced to, and engage with, technology and artificial intelligence in their work and practice.
Through music, events, podcasts, lectures, workshops, streams, etc. we will investigate this question within this block.

Roodkapje Rotterdam
Rulers of creative direction + template design: Hughes Joseph
online campaign, website
Year: 2020, 2021

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Tripcode is the hybrid practice of Cyanne van den Houten, designer and visual artist working in the fields of [communication] design and tech-art since 2016. Cyanne is founder of art-meets-tech collective TELEMAGIC, caring for digital rights and uncovering mysteries around the digital.