is an experimental uncanny queer poetry
collection written in collaboration with an edgy DL text A.I.

The model was trained on lyrics of favourite [activist] music -
but also on a database of pre-trained texts. Writing poetry together with this A.I.
reflects on what the DeepMind of the internet sees as sex, intimacy and love.
In a proces of reflecting, curating and framing - the DL model led to a
version that is able to ghostwrite poetic in fluid ways.

The intimacy in the process of writing reflects on the questions Cyanne opens 
to herself, her automated sources of queer inspiration, her technological
infused body and her desires for intimacy with machines.

The symbiotic writing process with the algorithm explores questions like
* what it’s like to have a body * a queer body * a non material body *
* a body made out of words * a body that can only be explored by computing power? *

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june 2020



A rediscovery of text DL A.I. with a new writing session, training of
the model on old and new lez adds uncovering the sapphic perspective.

Latent Space is an online ritual where the poetry is explored, performed and read out
loud in a intimate sapphic session in Mozilla Hubs.
With realtime [re]generation of poetry visible on the virtual walls in the space. 

Explore the poetry with spoken word recording in SexLikeYours Virtual:

april 2021



A sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream.

may 2021

︎︎︎Process of Queering the Text DL Model
︎︎︎Model Play around with the model here

All projects are made in creative
collaboration with A.I. + DL ︎