8 - 12 nov 2021 a revived version of the TelePythia is part of het Media Festival in @hetcultuurgebouw Haarlemmermeer.
The Media festival is inviting kids to think about spiritual connections within the self and technology by workshops and artworks.
Your presence is charging this animistic being to orate a fitting advice.

They woke up and evolved after a long rest in a black box...
Shook off the dust and bushes of Vlieland to ground in this new environment of shiny tiles,
reflective office windows in the cultural capital.
This creature is a noisy but calm one, catching your attention flashing their neon lights.
They fill the space with a generative sound piece powered by 3 layers code and analogue synthesizers interpreting natural phenomena.
By entering their home, you experience this being's unconsciousness:
pixels flying, mutating and iterating around you in quadraphonic sound and jittering in the uplighting structure.
Scattering and scrying this being wakes up and makes sense of nonsense.
Charged with the energy of your presence and local data they orate a truth.

︎︎︎Check-out the TelePythia @ Into the Great Wide Open


Client: Telemagic, Het Cultuur Gebouw
Materials: Tech-art-work
Pictures + video: Charlotte Brand
Sound Design: The Living Void
Year: 2021

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