Dröm is a commissioned audiovisual collaborative project consisting of a live show with music, lights and visual, created in collaboration with Guenter Råler.

The work explores visually and sonically themes of loss, search, identity and transformation: we aim to create virtual worlds resembling dreams, through the use of light, visuals and sound. The performance seeks to challenge and captivate the audience through an immersive experience diving into generative 3D visuals and electronic music, ranging from stretched textures, to dreamy melodies and broken beats.

The immersive effect is enhanced by the stage design, which will function as an extension of the 3D virtual world projected during this performance: the dream-like effect will be highlighted by the use of lights and images synced with specific sounds played live, to guide the spectator into our imaginations while also letting them feel and explore all the sensory stimuli.

The idea behind project was inspired by current times, where we navigate moments of togetherness and isolation, and by all experiences deriving from the necessity to adapt to a new reality: Dröm dives into the possibility of re-imagining the relationship between ourself and our reality, building new scenarios that are explorable and malleable with total freedom.

Dröm explores the liminal territory between dreams and reality. As the listener is immersed in the interactions between visuals and music, space and identity are navigated like unknown worlds where imagination is let free to shift, shape, evolve.

Dröm premièred at De Wasruimte in Utrecht on May 7th.
The project is commissioned by Freaky Dancing.