The 1 Euro Cinema is a small travelling cinematic oracle that will show you a random film in exchange for €1. This machine decides what you will watch… and you’ll either get a bang for your buck with a short documentary or have to quickly enjoy a 1-minute video clip.
For the first time ever, we will bring the Cinema to Macao and temporarily change its name to 1 MOP Cinema. This version will not only feature films from the existing collection, but will also expand with new films from talented Macanese and Chinese artists… and yours?
For the exhibition in Macau Design Centre (12 July - 21 July 2019), Telemagic and Biyi Zhu call for all artists with an interest in new media and its societal impact. Submit your film, have it shown across the globe with the 1 Euro Cinema and become part of our artistic network. We are looking for films on chaos magic and success magic relating to belief as a tool of magic, and belief as a technology that creates change.

Open-call video + exhibition design X Telemagic

Telemagic, Biyi Zhu, Macau Design Center
online campaign, e-mail invites, video, exhibition design, posters
Sound design: The Living Void
Sponsored by: the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau
Organized by: Borderless Arts
Year: 2019

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