The 1 Euro Cinema is a cinematic oracle curated by TELEMAGIC showing video works made by over 40 artists questioning topics that touch upon the mysteries that revolve around new media.

The installation randomly screens a movie if you insert a 1 euro coin.

Series with Guest Curators are:
︎︎︎ Chaos/Succes Magic with Biyi Zhu
︎︎︎ D.I.Y. Music Videos with Juliette Lizotte
︎︎︎ Coupled Worlds with Susanne Jannsen

The sticker on the box is an illustration that instructs you on how to use this oracle. When you offer it a coin a sequence of hypnosis will follow - the anarchistic algorithm picks a movie without any human control. The spiral, as found on the box now pops up on the screen - moving and counting down with a title sequence of the film the oracle has chosen for you.

The overarching visual started out inspired by anime culture (and free footage), celebrating alike themes: fantasties, fictional futures, action-filled plots, vibrant stories captured in stark colorful graphics.

The box never changes it’s visuality, but everytime we exhibit the 1 Euro Cinema we give the digital visual and space a big metamorphosis representing the theme of the serie. Sometimes by beach chairs or cushions with all the participatings artists names on it.. sometimes by translating the complete concept to a digital environment ︎︎︎

And sometimes.. translating the digital work to a physical exhibition again. For the online series Coupled Worlds of the 1 Euro Cinema, we decided to make a surrealist e-holiday retreat.

It was midst covid lockdown in the Netherlands and the urges were high to go on vacation and escape reality.
The 1 Euro Cinema online x Coupled World series has 4 different islands where videoworks live as flora and fauna. In this neon litted set-up you were able to go on a search for these critters or just enjoy the view of endless digital beaches. All from under an umbrella in an office chair planted in the sand. For the sharp player, clues of the hiding places of the critters on the special designed wallpaper.

By all inclusive travel Burgertrut served a cocktail in this beach resort e-cafe corresponding to islands you visited. And while leaving you could send your chosen family a message by the Coupled Worlds postcard.

Client:Telemagic, Biyi Zhu, Macau Design Center
Materials:online campaign, e-mail invites, video, exhibition design, posters
Sound design: The Living Void
Year: 2018-2022