Hyper Extension is a temporary pop-up gym in the lobby of VolksHotel Amsterdam.
With a single night special 45 minute work-out hosted by Club Gewalt.

Hyper Extension is a gym that gives you a direct way of dealing with new media, in a time that demands not much physical representation and prestation of a human body. During the most XTREME CardioCore AbCrunching Hyperbolistic HardCore mission coached by club Gewalt, games embedded in fitness gear made your figure-fabulous while raising questions on the use of your body.

The interactively made fitness equipment, consisted of high-tech elite machines and special jingles like the:

(Row to the right and go to the right in this digital landscape)

(Push Up Xtreme to stay alive! In this game you jump when you push up)
(Work together on the home-trainers to keep the screen moving!)

The project was realized in collaboration with Paul Boelens, Ymer Marinus and Jakob Schlotter.
Hyper Extension was made during the residency in VolksHotel with ZEST and part of a one week
festival concerning the future humans emoting through technology.

Client: Self initated during ZEST residency @ VolksHotel
In collaboration with: Paul Boelens, Ymer Marinus and Jakob Schlotter
Performance by: Club Gewalt
Materials: 5 interactive DIY fitness machines, exhibition design, communication