FAKE ME HARD is a spectacular exhibition about the ‘post-truth’ society by the creators of ROBOT LOVE and TEC ART from June 30 to August 15, 2021 at AVLMundo M4H, Rotterdam. FAKE ME HARD kicks off covid-proof during Art Rotterdam.

On the cutting-edge of art and technology, FAKE ME HARD explores the complex reality of the 21st century. Visitors await an uncanny landscape that they can enter safely, each with their own fake profile. Music-making robots set the tone playfully and with humor. A low hanging light haze determines the route. Algorithms, big data and profiles determine where we go or stand. Do algorithms determine what is fact or fiction? Are human narratives slowly becoming irrelevant? How to survive the post-truth society?


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We developed the identity for FAKE ME HARD around the poetic ever-changing meaning of truth in a digital age.

The design system is based on 2 variable fonts: they can alter, reshape themself and get other meanings over time.
By using a font that is generated by a machine learning algorithm trained on 2674 fonts (project by Nan.xyz) the typography is embodying content of the exhibition. Visually it represents the rebellious 80s infused spirits of D.I.Y. punk culture and so PLANET ART + Niet Normaal.
Team Human strikes back!

On the website the letters grow and slink in their own phase, slightly distorting the information. Fake News tickers ask for your click. Neon flickering chromatic type is drawing your attention to discover all the artists represented in the exhibition.

All of these elements you see back in the grimey enormous old factory AVL Mundo, the exhibition space - as the Volkskrant said “The Haunted House of digital technologies in the 21st Century”.

Client: Niet Normaal int. + PLANETART
In collaboration with: Roos Groothuizen
Font: http://www.machinelearningfont.com/ by https://nan.xyz/
identity, logo, online campaign, website, print, newsletter
Year: 2021