Rise & Shine, was a performative newsroom disseminating information about projects by Dutch architects, urbanists, designers and academics on display at UABB.
Design Displacement Group operated as ‘live reporters’ in a production unit, working on interviews, breaking news stories and image making. Everything was live-streamed as a nonlinear documentary and broadcasted online.

Rise & Shine aims to manifest and mediate the cultural capital present in Shenzhen. The Dutch initiatives differ in scale and circles of influence yet have an inquisitive state of mind and a knack for optimization in common. This is expressed through small-scale, often temporary interventions, the reassessment of resources and local production. Typical for these design and research attitudes are co-creation and commoning, craftsmanship through technology and the ‘dematerialization’ of design into smart strategies.

Rise & Shine is hosted by Het Nieuwe Instituut and The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou, and is developed by Bureau Europa and Design Displacement Group.

Client: Bureau Europa
In collaboration with: Design Displacement Group
Materials: website, non linear news channel, poster, flyer, digital images, mugs, hand-outs
Pictures: Lard Buurman
With help of: Fund for Creative Industry  
Year: 2016

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